6 TV shows to gain confidence and make it happen in life, business and/or careers

6 TV shows to gain confidence and make it happen in life, business and/or careers

When it comes to TV shows, I can’t say that I’m a big fan of fantasy, mythologies or things like that. I appreciate some good sciFy for sure… But generally, I like my TV time to be spinning around real-world stuff. That being said, I do not binge watch reality shows. I’m talking about shows that inspire me. That push me to think outside the box. Increase my knowledge on a topic… Or simply help me reflect on my relationship to others. In this post I would like to talk about 6 TV shows to gain confidence and make it happen!

Show #6: Weeds

It might seems like almost nothing today with all the Breaking Bads, Narcos and other TV shows alike. But when Showtime broadcasted this little satire of American suburban dream of life in 2005, it had the effect of a little bomb. The story of a model suburban housewife risking jail while dealing marijuana made the hit. Of course there was a good reason for her to start such a risky venture. That was to secure a reliable stream of income for her family after her husband’s sudden death. Beyond a satiric portrait, part of the series is about taking that leap and starting in an endeavor from the ground up. And learning along the way. Now, I have to agree that by the end of season 3 the plot show turns a bit rehashed and wobbly sometimes.

Show #5: Mad Men

Mad Man series has valuable conceptions about how to address challenges in a creative environment and how to handle relationship in a client-to-provider paradigm.

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You might think this advertising agency really existed. But everything in the show is purely fictional. However there are some references to the real-world. Obviously nobody working in an agency position could do anything like Don Draper does in the show. Like crashing Cola Cola VP out of his meeting room just because they can’t agree on a creative concept.

The series has ended in 2015. I came to it late in 2017 and I really enjoyed going through the different seasons. I think some great job has been done in detailing the mechanics of teamwork. How to navigate in an office environment and make a way to professional advancement.


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The fourth one in our list of shows to gain confidence and make it happen is almost vintage now, a classic. Featuring Aloe Blacc’s « I need a dollar » hit as a theme, the HBO production follows the lives of its two main twentysomething characters creating their business in New York’s fashion industry. From experiences to experiences we see them sail in this competitive world and trying to make it in America. The series only went for 2 seasons and ended in 2011. However I still see as a great piece for aspiring entrepreneurs and those willing to entertain the mindset.

Show #3: Better call Saul

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This ongoing Breaking Bad spinoff stars Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman about 6 years before his encounter with Breaking Bad’s protagonists. In 2002 Albuquerque, New-Mexico, James « Jimmy » McGill is a former con artist trying to make a name for himself as a legitimate aspiring lawyer. While a fair part of the story explore the downsides of scattered in-between-states economies another dimension is oriented toward the difficulties that go with starting in business from zero with no upfront capital. I really like how the story makes room for the entrepreneur side of Jimmy’s character and shows him hustling toward is goal to set up his business.

Show #2: Girl Boss

This 13 episodes Netflix original was adapted from entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso’s #Girlboss novel. The story is about how the author founded her own fashion brand Nasty Gal with an Ebay store between 2006 and 2008. The show is definitely a comedy but it gravitates around this drive of finding our own way through the system in order to make it. The narrative also gives a fair amount of space to the natural process of starting a business with the pressure of doubt, the hassle to find a name and the proper grammar to express the essence of the new entreprise.

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Show #1: Peaky Blinders

Now I’m gonna let my European heritage speak. At the top of this list I will put BBC’s ongoing drama set in post-World-War-One Birmingham. The show narrates the rise of the Shelby family gang  in the 1920’s England. Aside from the gangster storylinePeaky Blinders conveys inspirational ideals such as determination, resilience and craftiness. If you know the show, I think you will agree in me saying that Thomas Shelby is an overachiever at at creative problem-solving and thinking-outside-the-box.

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And there goes my own list of TV shows to gain confidence and make it happen! What’s yours?! Which series do you like to watch when sicking inspiration and keep the mantra going?! Write in the comments below!

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