7 pros and cons about car ownership

7 pros and cons about car ownership

Having access to a vehicle can be perceived as a necessity, although more and more people live in the city when usually some public transport services are available. However, car ownership provides more freedom and a better ability for personal planning and to organise the day compared to riding the bus or the subway. Obviously this come with certain liabilities. In this blog, we’ll try to draw objective pros and cons of owning your own vehicle i order to help you in making an educated choice!

Pros to car ownership

More time.

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With all that time saved from waiting for the bus on travelling on a bus, stopping at every corner, usually through very busy routes, you could be able to do more in a day, like working on some personal project, exercising, volunteering… Obviously, time is… time. And in life, you will have to spend this precious commodity wisely…

Do more, see more.

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Extending the latter, a car could allow you to go further, see more, discover more, learn more. Again, this is not about wondering around, but owning a car will definitely streamline logistics around your trips, offering more spontaneity, weather for a weekend get-away with friends or for doing the groceries, or getting to the gym!

Earn more.

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While giving you more freedom, owning a car comes with a certain liability that you have to be prepared to handle. Fuel, insurance and maintenance will surely take more out of your pocket than a public transport pass. The good news is that in our modern digitalized age, opportunities are legions to turn your car into more of an asset and less of a liability by driving people around, delivering meals and parcels or renting your vehicle. These should help you cover your expenses and could bring you closer to some of your financial goals!

Cons to car ownership

Higher costs

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Owning a vehicle costs money and you’ll have to prepare in order to be able to cover these. Although, part of these costs could be reduced by choosing the right vehicle for you, and for your budget.

More stress

Driving in a big city is stressful and require a lot of self-control and mastery.

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This aspect is often forgot by people getting their first car in a while, and did I mention the concern of your car sitting outside in the street or on outdoor parking lot ? Also, if you don’t organise your time wisely, you could end up having the feeling to be in a rush for everything and that will add up some more stress to your life as well!


There is no way around it, driving a car pollutes. Now I here the objection from « I drive an EV! ».

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Do you know that, although electric vehicle do not emit polluting particle, the process to produce these vehicle is far from being clean, or even fuel-efficient! And I will refrain from talking about the recycling of these enormous batteries, as the first generations of vehicle come to the end of their lives at the moment.


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As you spend more time sitting in your car moving around. You could loose fitness pretty easily if you’re cautious enough.

Indeed, you will not walk these extra steps from or to the bus stop (with the odd run to catch the bus in order to be on time at the office), or these calories you will burn standing outside waiting for the use in the cold winter.

Wrappin’ it up

Car ownership is not just a matter of money. Although you’ll need more money to sustain your new way of life. But it comes with some other considerations that have to be addressed before committing to such a decision.

If, after reading this you came to the conclusion that car ownership isn’t the right fit for you, don’t worry we got you covered! Check out our article “5 alternative to car ownership and public transport” to make the most of a car-free life!

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