My name is Tommy and I’m a 33 years old web developer. I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, but I’m originally from France. One of my biggest regret in my life is not having taken the chance to live abroad as a student, although it’s very easy to do in Europe with our renowned Erasmus program. Nonetheless, that’s probably this latent regret that gave me the boost to move around a couple of times in the last decade, building up my life and my curriculum as a young professional.

In 2010, right after university, I was 25 and I took a 6 months internship in Montréal, Quebec, Canada. Then back in France, I crossed the whole country of France to begin my professional career. In 2015, my partner and I move to London, UK, to start another chapter of our lives, both professionally and personally. Finally, we landed in Canada in 2018 and are intending to stay. Through these experiences, I’ve embraced many opportunities and I’m proud of the knowledge I’ve built, learning, discovering, and making my way through the world, through the millenium.

In this blog, I’d like to share the bit of knowledge I’ve built and try address some of the challenges of our times like environment, mobility, personal growth and financial literacy, which I think are all very important concepts in our lives today. I also hope that sharing some of my experience will help others to thrive by seizing opportunities to grow in today’s world.

I hope you’ll enjoy your readings!