6 things that could make 2021 a great year

6 things that could make 2021 a great year

Certainly, the first hour of the first day of the month of 2021 had something special for most of the inhabitants of planet earth. That special thing was the joy of leaving a disastrous year behind, full of misery, sadness and unfairness. In these first days of 2021, we are looking forward to something new. Although we are not quite out of the woods yet, and there are still significant challenges ahead of us all to make it back to some normalcy again. For that, I invite tor read my other post about the 4 things that could make 2021 another bad year. But, 2021 is also full of comforting possibilities for us to overcome challenging times of start as new in our lives. In this blog, I will write about the 6 things that could make 2021 a great year!

1 – The vaccine rolls out as planned

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The year 2020 has seen science make giant leaps in the way vaccines are developed. Bringing the usual development period from 10 years to a little less than 10 months…   I mean, come on! Isn’t that stunning?! Even better! Not only several vaccine solutions were out in some absolute record-breaking time, but a whole supply chain has been put in place to distribute the vaccine and put it in people’s arms!

Also, it’s worth noticing all of the knowledge that the world has been able to capitalize on during the crisis. How scientists collaborated with each other and how responsive actions were organized to constrain the spread of infections. Humanity has paid an awfully big price in this pandemic, but things could have been so much worse.

Furthermore, I’m sure our science will gain something more from. Collaborative models could be brought in other research areas to help further discoveries in the fight against other diseases. Also, I’m confident that the biodata collected in the pandemic will be useful for other domains of research. 

2 – The world could open up again

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Once we have reached a relevant level of mass-immunization, the world could open up again. We could be able to travel again, meet with our distant families physically again. Let’s hope, anyway. 

3 – A new way of working, a new way of living

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By forcing us to shuffle our own habits and conceptions, the pandemic allowed us to acknowledge that our lives could be different. And that could make 2021 a great year! No need to spend 8 hours a day behind a desk and cope with a 1 or 2 hours commute to get productive at work. We also learned to care better about ourselves, that it’s O.K to feel down, to need a break… 

Our industries have learned to shift and re-organize. As a result, 2021 and (hopefully) could bring some whole new models. Maybe work less while keeping up the same level of productivity. Less constrain about our working hours and the place we work from.

In these 6 things that could make 2021 a great year, I was mentioning that people will probably travel more after the pandemic. But we have to be careful not to repeat the recipe-for-a-disaster that we somehow followed in the past and that led us here. Maybe in the future, we should make more of our trips across the planet. For example, staying somewhere a bit longer than a week.

On another hand, we could make better use of the time we save from commuting and working more productively. Spending more time with our loved ones and achieving our goals, for example.  

4 – An appeased world

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With the change of administration in the U.S, there are better chances that several points of tensions loosen up around the world. Indeed, over the last four years, some of the U.S government have weighed heavily on global affairs.

This new administration could work toward re-instating achievable targets to reduce global warming. They will get back to talks on several critical topics such as the Iranian nuclear deal, North-Korea militarization and trade deal with China. All of these points are serious threats to peace at the moment.

5 – More sustainability in the world

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One thing that 2020 has taught us is that we can live differently. We don’t have to commute to an office every day. Some of us can work from home! That means less traffic on the road. Fewer people in public transit and as a result. Less pressure on our infrastructures. Furthermore, even though it was hard not to be able to meet with friends and family abroad, it was nice to enjoy a walk outside without the sound of airplanes crossing over our heads… And actually being able to see the star in the clean city sky at night.  

We’ve also learned that we didn’t need to spend so much money on things we don’t actually need. That means less consumerism, less plastic made from oil and less natural resources extracted. 

6 – National economies get more balanced 

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The pandemic has shown us the limits of globalization. It showed us how easily our complex worldwide supply chain could break up into a thousand pieces. I think it is important that we remember this lesson and work towards creating more balanced economies for ourselves. That means sourcing supply and labour closer to home and keeping some manufacturing capacities in-land. That way we don’t rely so much on international partners that couldn’t reach us in such circumstances.

Wrapping it up

And that’s is, here is a list of 6 things that could make 2021 a great year! I really hope that it does roll out in some similar fashion so we can move on with our lives (almost) as we did before.

By the way, the image feature at the top of this post is from a very talented guy named Theodor Eilertsen. Please go check his work on Unsplash!