Hi! Welcome to my blog. I guess you’re here because you’re wondering what the heck is “thebusymessoflife.com”. In a nutshell, this blog orbits around topics like lifestyle, personal development entrepreneurship for us Millenials. Additionally, as I’ve grown myself some interest in personal finance and… well it’s my blog… occasionally you will find content oriented toward that as well.

Alright, you’re still here! That means you’re quite keen to know more! So here is the longer version.

My name is Tommy and I’m a 35 years old web developer. I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, but I’m originally from France. I guess the most significant thing about me is that I have pretty much spent the last 10 years not only travelling but living between France and abroad.

Through these experiences, I’ve embraced many opportunities and I’m proud of the knowledge I’ve built, learning, discovering, and making my way all along.

Pursuing personal development and entrepreneurship for Millenials

These times that we’ve been growing and living it as Millenials can be tough. In sorts, we’ve become the generation with fewer children, fewer properties and (sometimes) jobs! On the other hand, we tend to find ourselves using much debt to be able to get along with everyday life… Clearly, these days are full of challenges for our whole generation. But there are also great opportunities for us.

On this platform, I aim to share honestly about my experiences as someone who self-taught himself, rebuilt a career in different fields and different countries, trying to build a life on solid foundations.

I hope you enjoy your reading!

P.S: the header image is from a very talented guy named Rick Mason. I highly recommend checking his work on unsplash.com.